Build, Train, and Run an Image Classifier Neural Network using Deep Transfer Learning in TensorFlow and Keras

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NOTE: As of when I am writing this, the latest version of Python is 3.9. However, Tensorflow is currently only compatible with Python version 3.5–3.8. If u have a non-compatible version of Python and do not wish to downgrade, you could use Google Colab, which is a free online cloud-based Jupyter Notebook Enviroment.

  • Training a Convolutional Neural Network using Transfer Learning to be able to detect thirty plus different types of Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Creating Flutter UI and Importing the .tflite file into the project, then testing it and fixing possible errors.

Module 1: Training Neural Networks using TensorFlow and Keras

What is Tensorflow? → TensorFlow is an open-source…

2021 Novice App Developers Guide

This is the simplest and complete 2021 guide for novice flutter developers who are having trouble with passing/fetching data between their flutter app pages. With the help of this, I’ll also explain a little about writing cleaner code at the end. I personally remember having trouble with this concept as a beginnner and wasted a lot of time reading something i would never comprehend, so im here writing this to make it simpler for others to learn! Note: I wont be covering complex state management libraries like BLoC, Redux etc.

Just for revision’s sake,

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