Build, Train, and Run an Image Classifier Neural Network using Deep Transfer Learning in TensorFlow and Keras

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This article will be divided into 2 modules:

  • Training a Convolutional Neural Network using Transfer Learning to be able to detect thirty plus different types of Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Creating Flutter UI and Importing the .tflite file into the project, then testing it and fixing possible errors.

Module 1: Training Neural Networks using TensorFlow and Keras

Events, Clocks, Reference Frames, Ethereal Problems and Solutions, and Time Dilation

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“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.“ — Albert Einstien

Chapter 1: Events, Clocks, and Reference Frames

Photo Clock Principle

2021 Novice App Developers Guide

Stateful VS Stateless

Yashwardhan Deshmukh

• Flutter & ML Developer • Aeronautics & Astrophysics Enthusiast • International Athlete • Guitarist • Reader/Writer

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